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Fitness is Freedom


Fitness through your body and being.
From deep into your soul… all the way out into action in the world. 

When I created this system…. I wanted a holistic journey through fitness.
Not one that was relegated to just yoga…. but to every single practice I could find.

What were the common threads that wove between all of fitness? All of movement?
From Olympic lifting to dance to triathalons to tai chi…. What were the elements that made for both Health and High Performance in them all?

So I studied and designed and created and compared. And I used this system when working with my clients. They loved and and got fantastic results.

And what do you get from doing this?


When you are at your best, when your body is tuned in and turned on, when all your muscles know how to fire and fire together in the right order for the tasks at hand….
do you know what that feels like?

It feels like freedom.
It feels like a beautiful endless breath.

When your body operates properly…. it feels free.
Whether its dancing, running, lifting, straining, enjoying, playing, sexing, moving, doing anything you want…. it feels free.

That is one of the most important goals.
That…. makes you healthy and powerful.
The ability to be and feel free……

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