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How to achieve the next level in fitness

So many people dive into the fitness world.
Its a huge world… as it is the world of the body… and the interaction of the mind with it.
So there is so much that is possible.

But with possibility… comes possible issues.
See…. this reality we live in includes the concept of entropy. And that means…. most things we love and desire eventually fall apart. “Falling apart” is easier than coming together.
Things going wrong… have the potential for happening more than things going right.

With that in mind… we want to be precise about how we do things. We want little to no room for error. We want to Thrive…. and thread the needle to the paths that take us the best way forward with the least number of set-backs.

Spiral Kinetic® Fitness was born from this idea.

In order to keep you moving forward you must get into and train the most powerful ability that you have when it comes to your body: Getting in direct touch with the muscles. Getting so deeply and richly in touch that it becomes a superpower…..What I call “Actualizing” each and every muscle and joint.

This is a training. And it has so many wonderful facets… that many have no idea.

Can you move your mind into a muscle? Can you empty it?
Can you make it vibrate? Can you make it hotter?
What speeds can you play with when entering a muscle? What textures?

So may possibilities… And with this set of possibilities there is almost no downside.
Its all beneficial. The only thing that could really ” go wrong” is that you waste time and energy on one technique..while you could have been doing a more efficient one.

This is a love of mine. I’ve spent 35 years working on it. Developing it.
Honing it for myself and to teach you.

Each body part has its own configuration. Ones that not only keep it healthy (I call these “Flowways”) but also ones that generate power (I call these “Powerstreams”).

Stay tuned here.
I want to teach you more……

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