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Build high-performance that
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Build performance that wins GOLD! Read our latest thinking and have us evolve yours - On a regular basis.

What We Do...

Your body is an intense work of art

Your muscles are a reflection of that artwork. A reflection of your abilities. That is why we find muscles so attractive. They show the entire world what you’re able to do.

Our motto simply reflects this:
It’s – Sexy. Intelligent. Fitness.


Spiral Kinetics® gives you the body that looks and feels yourself and to other people.


Spiral Kinetics® was created to streamline and optimize muscles, making room to insert high-level abilities and advanced thoughts directly into your mind and body.


Spiral Kinetics® IS fitness. It is Inner chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, 3 Dimensional movement, calisthenics, and Weight-Training... all in one.

The Weightless Version of our Workout ...below

The Benefits!

Learn the secrets to Inner and outer fitness!

Healing your joints. Preventing injuries. Enhanced Flexibility. Speed. Strength. The ability to generate deep inner power. Anti-aging and longevity. Muscle gain. Ridding yourself of excess body-weight. Building skills and athleticism… inside the body. Fast recovery from exercise. Sports enhancement.

In addition to: connecting deeply with your body for greater skill and control, deeper sleep, diet and appetite optimization, high-performance breathing, and mind/body mastery.

And most importantly: Getting an edge over the competition.

Can you afford to wait any longer to get these results?


What They Are Saying...

Praise for Spiral Kinetic® Fitness!
From people who know…..

I started working with Spiral Kinetics earlier this year because I had plateaued. What I was hoping for was support for reaching my fitness goals, which I imagined to be maybe some form of cheerleading and/or coaching. What I got was a Yoda-level mastery of the intricacies of how to safely develop power and strength in the human body, and what to do in almost any conceivable situation involving movement.

Guy Jara IT Professional - East Bay

Spiral Kinetics both got me more in touch with how my body wants to move AND kicks my exercise butt! As a nationally ranked Epee fencer I have to be sharp and ready to attack. Spiral Kinetics upped my game! We used powerful and unique movements to increase my strength, flexibility, endurance, and how good I feel about my body. Highly recommended!

Victoria Drennan Fire Fighter - San Francisco

It was amazing. In no time I had gone from 145 pounds to 162. All muscle. Spiral Kinetics is so dynamic that I couldn't help but get results. And I was able to do and lift things that I did not think possible, but now I know it is. I really love looking good.

Tom Harding Life Coach - Obstacle Course Racer

I had been to countless neurologists, physical therapists, osteopaths, and more. They found some discs in my lower back that had slightly bulged causing a bit of a sciatic condition. But the real problem was the pain on the inside of my right leg. I had 4 spots that were in immense debilitating pain for years, making it so I couldn't walk. When I started Spiral Kinetics I was a bit better, at least I could walk, and I was getting a light massage from a friend. Lyric interjected and asked me a whole bunch of interesting questions. The next thing I knew it was twenty minutes later. We were doing some movements and stretching my leg very lightly and for the first time in 4 years for that moment I felt what it was like to be pain free! I set up an appointment and will be using Spiral Kinetics a lot this year.

Andrew Wiselan Fort Lauderdale, FL

I worked with Lyric and his innovative movement system Spiral Kinetics - for a number of years. During that time he addressed many of my chronic issues. When I was young I had broken my arm. Ever since then it was both difficult to move or raise above my head. Just the other day I was trying to figure out which arm was broken... and simply I couldn't. I forgot. Both arms bent and straightened the same way. The pain was gone. I never even expected it until... there I was. Completely healed. I've had my two sons, my father and mother, and even my brother work with Spiral Kinetics. It's definitely an effective system for exercise. Healing and strength all in one. Many thanks to Lyric and Spiral Kinetics. Thank you.

James W. Gottfurcht, Ph. D. Psychologist - Los Angeles
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Let's Achieve Your Athletic Goals!

It’s so simple:
Spiral Kinetics® is 3 Dimensional Movement!
And 3 Dimensional Movement is the key to your health and Power…..

What is

Spiral Kinetic® Fitness

The Next Level in Exercise
...for Athletes

Your body was made to move in 3-Dimensional Spirals. It really is that simple. And not just in graceful ways, but in powerful ways, with all the strength that you can muster; giving birth to the possibility of so much more.

This helps you avoid painful injuries, opens up your joints for healing, and allows for the full contraction of muscles… from the longest to the shortest they can be so they can generate incredible power. This, combined with Advanced Spiral Breathing and Neurological-Fitness life coaching… gives you the high-level athletic performance and evolutionary body of Spiral Kinetics®.

Master Kinetic Trainer

Lyric H. Ginsberg

Evolutionary Fitness NeuroPhysical trainer… Lyric Ginsberg accelerates individuals and groups to their fitness goals. He is the creator and founder of the Bad-Ass Ultra-Modern Luxury brands: Spiral Kinetic® Evolutionary Fitness, Personal Acceleration® Coaching, Evolved Love™ Relationship systems, and the practical philosophy of Embodied Realism™.

With over 30 years in the excellence industry, his fitness work has helped hundreds of people physically heal and develop athletic prowess in their chosen sport or event… accelerating their performance and giving them access to new inner abilities.
His door is open to the next success being …YOU.

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