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The Kinesthete

High Expectations

Our Goal for you is for you to rise to Become ...a Kinesthete.

Rise to a whole new level. In your physicality, psychology, and neurology.
Become a Kinesthete.
This is the place to begin.

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Becoming high performance

The key to this work is learning how to BECOME a high-performance being.
It’s learning to live as one.
To enhance your skills. To build a superior body through conscious exercise and conscious weight training. To calm and engineer a high-performance Neurological System. To build a superior mind. And to focus the self towards becoming each of our goals and our desires here on earth.

A Kinesthete is a person who has achieved these things and is headed for more. They are ready to adapt to an ever-changing world and are not daunted by it. They are sexy inside and out… and are seen that way. They have access to all parts of themselves…. in order to both attain peace and achieve power and prosperity. They have Inner and Outer fitness. They have an evolved body and an evolutionary being.

Spiral Kinetics® teaches you how to do this. Personal Training for your body and mind. With our 3D spiral and neurological exercise systems and mindsports™ you’ll learn how to set the foundation for a cascade of new learnings that advance you to the next level. To become the Kinesthete that you have always known you wanted to be.

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You are at the perfect place to begin

Many of our programs are for high level Athletes… but in all honesty our work is for anyone who is ready to create a better life for themselves. Our programs coach you through all the physiological, neurological, and psychological systems into what we call “BioMastery”.


In order to determine your particular physiological and psychological makeup (what we call Psychophysiosophy™) and advance you …we’ve developed a revolutionary typing system both similar to but very different from the Myers-Briggs personality typing system. With it we can determine exactly where you are right now in your evolutionary body and mind … and where you should be going next for your continued evolution.

We focus on four independent factors to create your profile:

• Somatotype
• Speed
• Energy
• Skill

…To tell us all we need to know so we can design your program today.

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