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Frequently Asked Questions

They are not just for athletes. Though we find Athletes benefit greatly from our programs...they are truly for anyone.

These systems were made for anyone at any level of fitness. We are focusing on athletes because they are the quickest to understand the benefits of a program like this and they get better. They invest themselves in their fitness and betterment without question.

You must be dedicated. Committed.
You must have a willingness to let go and then embrace the future of your fitness and abilities.
You must be "coachable"

You can get on our mailing list on our home page here...
Or... you can simply jump in and BEGIN right now.

Go to the Contact page and send us your information. There is no obligation and we will contact you to set a time to simply talk. If we both agree you are ready to rock-and-roll.... you will be enrolled ..and the game is on!

Most of our programs are on-line or on video conference calls. Some are local to Southern Florida. They are thorough and effective... anywhere in the world.  

Our programs are "life training" programs. They are 75% Advanced Fitness... 25% Advanced Life Coaching...
to bring out the excellence in you.

Each one-on-one program is at least 3 months long and given 2 times per week. Some programs go for a year or longer. This way you get the full benefits from them... not like some half-assed training programs.

Our Core

Exercise your body and your mind ...and Evolve.

Spiral Kinetics®....

an Ultra-Modern, Bad-Ass, Luxury Fitness Brand.

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Our Mission!

To bring a Heightened Experience of life to each individual ... Physically, Mentally, and Neurologically... so they may lead an optimal existence.


Our Mottos!

- An Ultra-Modern, Bad-Ass, Luxury Brand - Accelerate your Evolution
- Sexy. Intelligent. Fitness.....
- From delicate to dynamic
- From Fragile Fierce


Our Vision!

To bring our mission into each city. Building facilities that teach this work.... for the well off, the average worker, and the under-privileged. We have our own original movement systems, coaching systems, martial arts, sports, weight competitions, games, and more planned for each one.

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Our Target Markets!

- Professional and Semi-Professional Athletes
- Sportspeople
- Weekend Warriors
- Fitness buffs
- Gym Goers and Geeks
- Obstacle Course Racers
- You

• NeuroPhysical Master Trainer

Lyric H. Ginsberg

Founder and Owner - Spiral Kinetics®

NeuroPhysical High-Performance trainer… Lyric Ginsberg accelerates individuals and groups to their fitness goals. He is the founder of Spiral Kinetic® Evolutionary Fitness, Personal Acceleration® Coaching, Evolved Love™ Relationship systems, and the philosophy of Embodied Realism™.

With over 30 years in the excellence industry, his fitness work has helped hundreds of people heal and develop athletic prowess in their chosen sport or event… accelerating their performance and giving them access to new inner abilities.
His door is open to the next success being YOU.