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Spiral Kinetic® Fitness

Finding Excellence

Your Dual Goals

3D Spiral Movement

In order to create your perfected body and athletic abilities we need 3D Spiral Movement to get deep into your system.

This is what we consider home base for Spiral Kinetic® Fitness …and it has no choice but to lead you into your state of EXCELLENCE…
“The Evolved Body”.

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The Next Level in Your Fitness

Outer Fitness

Your body is an incredible machine, one that we can treat optimally …or poorly.
Give this machine all the movements it needs… through Spiral Kinetics® and it’s like nutrition for it. Feeding it. Feeding us. Nurturing us. Enhancing and evolving us. Just through movement alone. It opens us up in terms of power, flexibility, and ability itself. It removes the need for specialists like chiropractic and massage. Why? Because its healthy and self generating. Your body is getting the movement nutrition it needs. It is no longer tight. It is no longer deficient. It is no longer stuck. It no longer needs “fixing”. It lives and exists as “fixed”. It exists in spinal bliss … and more.

Let’s say you were a race car and wanted to go even faster so you could win more races. We couldn’t just take you out on the track and run you hot. Your engine would blow out and your tires would fall off.
We need to take you into the garage and re-tool you in detail. Re-engineer and upgrade and update you. Advance your abilities.
Then take you back on the racetrack to teach you how to run as a mean high-performance machine.  

3D Spiral Movement is the key.
And its what we teach here at Spiral Kinetic® Fitness.

• Classes • One on one trainings • Group outings • Our Evolver Exercise Series • Our Advanced Movement Library.
They are all methods we use to give you what you need to succeed. To be the athlete you once were or the one you always wanted to be.

THE Second

Deep Neurological Excellence


The second half of our Advanced System to make you a high-performer is to access your neurology. This is the deep inner programming that drives you around in the background. Your co-pilot.
Well, let’s optimize it now!

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The Second Key to Health and High Performance

Neurological Fitness.
The neurological system that lives within us is a mystery.
It runs us without us knowing it. It lives in the background of our lives. It contains the deep rooted programing that we call “habits” and “compulsions”. These show up from the easy way we drive our cars, to our interactions with food, to the postures we hold ourselves in every day …and the ways in which we sleep. They are the unconscious systems that allow us, when optimized, to be free to think higher thoughts… while they churn along in the background.

But what if our habits that control the way we move and think are not optimal for us?
Then we end up fighting with ourselves. We end up… stuck. Confused. Being poor performers.

Spiral Kinetics® is freedom. It’s intelligent fitness.
It is the way to somatically un-stick your nervous system. To de-traumatize your body and being.
It is the “way in” to change who you are and who you want to and will be. To create what we call a “Strategic Subconscious”.

You want to achieve excellence?
Do it though our movement systems, breathing techniques, somatic-energetic exercises, and more.
Do it though learning how Power flows inside of your body, and how to generate more of it.
All in a quest for high performance and to have influence and control of your entire you… you can embody the best athlete, the best entrepreneur, the best version of yourself that you know you can be.
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